Activate Data

Our new data plan gives you the freedom to choose how much airtime you would like to convert to data, thereby enjoying flexible browsing.

To make a purchase simply follow these steps: -

  • Dial *544# on your handset
  • Select ‘Buy Data’ from the menu
  • Select purchase for own or other number
  • Enter the amount you wish to spend
  • Select your preferred mode of payment
  • You will receive a message with details of you purchase

Set up Data

To get internet settings, dial *100# or call 100 to speak to a customer care agent to get activated for browsing.

To set-up manually, input the following information in your default data settings

  1. Connection Name: Safaricom Internet
  2. APN: safaricom
  3. Username: saf
  4. Password: data

For content requiring Proxy filter e.g. WAP devices, add the below:

  1. Proxy/Gateway address:
  2. Proxy Port: 8080 for HTTP or 9201 for WAP
  3. Authentication type - Normal or PAP/CHAP

Once set-up, you may now start enjoying the One Data Tariff.

Scratch Cards for Data

You may recharge your Safaricom line through scratch cards while choosing from our wide range of denominations to suit your budget.

The process is simple: -

  • Scratch the chard to reveal recharge code
  • Dial *141* followed by the recharge code then # on your phone. i.e. *141#123456789#
  • You will receive an SMS from Safaricom confirming successful recharge.
  • Dial *544#, select Voice from menu and follow prompts to complete purchase.

M-PESA for Data

M-PESA gives you the convenience of topping up your line anytime and anyplace, with more flexibility on the amount.

The process is simple: -

  • Go to your M-PESA menu and select ‘Buy airtime’
  • Enter mobile number you wish to top up.
  • Enter amount of airtime you wish to buy.
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN then confirm the details.
  • Complete transaction by pressing OK.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA.
  • Dial *544#, select Voice from menu and follow prompts to complete purchase.

Terms & conditions for the Safaricom Data Bundles

Our terms of use are a reflection of our new promise of being simple, honest and transparent. They govern your use of Safaricom products ensuring that you get the best and the most out of our offering. Our Terms and Conditions also provide more information about our products and constitute an agreement between you and Safaricom PLC.

Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The new data tariff now allows customers to buy data with NO EXPIRY DATE, for any amount they wish.

The data will not expire. The customer gets to use the entire bundle until it depletes.

The new data tariff is available to all Safaricom customers (prepaid, postpaid and hybrid).

The new data plans are available on *544#, My Safaricom App, and Web on

Yes, customers can purchase the data as many times as they like.

No. The New Data bundles will not have free access to WhatsApp.

Customers can buy the new data plan with Airtime and M-PESA. The customer will be prompted to select the payment option before completing the purchase.

Yes, you can purchase the new data plan for another number as well.

Yes, customers will earn Bonga points for each purchase as per the current conversion rate.

Yes. The customer can still buy the old Data Bundles with Bonga points. They however will not be able to buy the new data plan with Bonga points.

Yes, customers will be able to browse without data using their airtime at KSh 4.3 per MB.

Customers can subscribe to My Data Manager by dialing *544# and selecting Normal Bundles with Expiry on option 3.

Yes, the customer will receive balance notifications at 500MB, 75MB and 2MB.

The customer will also receive a depletion notification upon the data plan’s depletion.

Yes, you will be able to sambaza data from the new tariff, between 5MB and 10MB per transaction, with a maximum of 20MB per day.

The normal bundles with an expiry date will be used up first before the data in the new tariff.

No. The validity of the old bundles with expiry cannot be extended with the new data plan.

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